Production and Job Orders

  • User-defined service types according to business nature and scope
  • Flexible price lists enabling the creation of multiple lists as per related customers in addition to linking with services and items
  • The ability to provide services on customers’ material (service-only job orders)
  • Linking job orders with customers which benefits in tracking progress and in invoicing
  • Tracking completion and deliver date
  • Tracking job orders status in manufacturing plant/workshop
  • Tracking items disposition (impairment) and linking related transactions with employees
  • The ability to suspend or stop a job order either partially of completely
  • Following up actual quantities produced and comparisons with requested quantities
  • Inventory issue vouchers on the job order level along with automatic cost accounting vouchers leading to a more accurate and costing schema
  • Automatic journal vouchers resulting from production receipt vouchers
  • An automated invoicing system the enables the user to issue invoices based on more than one job order if desired and detailing the invoice components.
  • Items consumed statistics with flexible periods
  • A comprehensive reporting system that gives the decision maker the readings and statistics desired