• Ability to create clients records without GL
  • Track pending and over-due invoices
  • Cash boxes management and security
  • Closing (Settling) invoices upon payment or independently (after/before payments) supporting partial payments
  • Down payments management
  • Adjusting entries management
  • Automatic and manual preparation of payment and receipt transactions by automatic due payment tracking
  • Supports different types of payments (Cash, cheques, transfers,etc)
  • Aging reports with flexible periods
  • Managing credit period, credit limits and following up customers who exceeded their limits
  • Contributes to cash flow analysis
  • Credit and Debit notes
  • Quick and easy access to customers and suppliers statements.
  • Customized customers and suppliers preferences in regard to classification, evaluation degrees.
  • Can be tightly integrated with Financial Dimensions
  • Full documentation of customers in regard to address and contact details, and any other branches or customers
  • Purchasing invoices management with detailed views of vouchers, payments, additional expenses and discounts, with full control for payables
  • Purchasing payment interface to create vouchers and JVs, and Purchasing return transaction to update all related systems and data, along with on- line payment source generation.
  • Separate module to cost and price shipments
  • Flexible service definition with all related categories and GL integration.



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