Supply Chain Management SCM

  • User-defined item classes in which each class has its own control, data, and management
  • Main and sub item classes
  • Item specifications and measurement units for item master card
  • User- defined financial correlation for inventory vouchers.
  • Store cards (sub-cards) can be defined to limit access to the item and avail details on the store level.
  • Financial correlation on all levels
  • Purchasing management, sales returns, opening vouchers, and Production receipt transactions
  • Employees and locations custody management
  • Managing sales issue, consumable issue, and item movement between locations and stores
  • Item disposal management
  • Managing purchasing returns, Production issue and Sales orders
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Supports periodic and perpetual inventory
  • Service (non-inventory) items management to implement moral purchasing transactions through the same cycle.
  • Auto generation for cost accounting JVs upon posting inventory
  • Fully integrated with other modules.
  • Bar Codes
  • Minimum Level, Reordering Point Level , and Standard Order Quantity
  • Easy- to- use purchasing entry vouchers
  • Reservation Management
  • Free-Text Invoices to process sales and purchasing transactions that contain special details and special financial correlation.
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