Client Relationship Management for Medical Representatives

Do we need Improvements?

  • Are we satisfied with current Medical Representative Calls reporting quality?
  • Does reporting timing have effect on report quality?
  • Are we satisfied with next call planning quality?
  • Do we have enough feedback information from doctors?
  • Are we satisfied with current segmentation?


  • Time saving for Medical reps daily work, activities, planning and reporting.
  • Improved Med Rep satisfaction and motivation.
  • Instant access to data and immediate reporting and planning functionality.
  • Improved Marketing force management quality leading to increased marketing team productivity.

Analysis and Measurements

  • Analysis of collected data.
  • Detailed analytical (Business Intelligence) tools through flexible dashboards and pivot tables.
  • Ability to monitor marketing team metrics and make tactical decisions.
  • Manage , Monitor and analyses of Medical Representative performance.
  • Daily analysis of Medical Representative visits.
  • DCR Daily Call Reporting.


Online and mobile mode

  • Ability to use a mobile application for immediate reporting.
  • Web based application for monitoring, planning and other functionality.

Management of Medical Representatives

  • Management has greater control over the size and structure of the marketing team.
  • Promotes coaching, feedback, recognition, and training to the team
  • Medical reps can better target, prioritize, assess physician needs and develop solutions around those needs.
  • growing physician satisfaction and loyalty resulting in repeat sales(RRx)
  • Identify all factors really influencing prescriber behavior including messages which are having the most impact on actual prescribing
  • Optimize all relevant resources for a brand or portfolio across multiple geographies & activities.


 Marketing Representatives Planning

  • Ability and tools of Marketing Team to effectively plan at a territory and customer level.
  • Plan and report accomplished activities
  • Saving time through efficiency
  • Help Medical Representatives to get more organized by providing interface that shares data and provides quick access to client's information.
  • Provide instant access to calls history

Segmentation and Targeting

  • Customer targets ,prescribers and influencers defined by value
  • Clients objections analysis
  • Improve Marketing team Effectiveness.

Resource optimization

  • Size , structure , roles and focus of Medical Representatives activities  (targeting , frequency and  coverage)

Improve Medical Representatives competency

  • Ability of Medical Representatives to get the company message delivered effectively.
  • Coaching and competencies.

OneCRM Features

Clients Segmentation

     Provides different segmentations variables:

  • Physician specialty, practice
  • Geographic location
  • Age
  • Class



  • Calls planning.
  • Tracking of official holidays.
  • Tracking Clients according to segmentations parameters.
  • Monitors /approve/reject Medical Representatives daily/weekly plans.
  • Monitor percentage of plans achievement (plans Compliance) on multiple levels (Country, area, city, Supervisors, medical rep, monthly, annual).
  • Supports Dual visits.
  • Validation of Plans through workflow.


Benefits of planning for Medical Representatives


  • Helps in planning visits, vacations, events.
  • Suggestions (who to visit).
  • Tracking of clients special requests.
  • Supports smart calendar to plan for various medical institutes.
  • Support s approval workflow for plans.
  • Clients segmentation and classification.
  • Help tracking calls frequency targets according to client's segmentation.
  • FTE (Full Time Equivalent) calculated on multiple levels (Country, area, field supervisor, sales supervisor, area manager...etc.)
  • Allow Managers and supervisors to track marketing team performance.
  • Helps revealing causes of lack of performance through smart KPIs.
  • Provides Medical Representatives with client's visits history which helps in achieving calls targets.
  • Plans cloning.
  • Activate /deactivate of clients.
  • Multiple level of monitoring (country ,field sales manager, supervisors , Med Rep,Clients Segmentation).



  • Supports Online Reporting through Mobile or Web application.
  • Provides smart techniques for daily reporting which result on more reporting satisfaction and daily tracking of calls.
  • Tracking of "why not visited" reasons.
  • Tracking of dual visits.
  • Tracking of company messages.
  • Tracking of client's objections, tools, giveaways, special requests.

Alerts and What to do List

  • Tracking of pending actions.
  • Plans not submitted
  • Reports not submitted
  • Activities waiting for approval.
  • Alerts to notify users of various actions.
  • Plans submitted.
  • Reports submitted.
  • Vacation requests submitted.
  • Events requests.
  • Internal Email System personalized to manage Marketing team.


  • Calendar Management:


  • Plans are created through easy to use l calendars:
  • Provides the ability to create smart calendars for Supervisors, Med Rep.
  • Show dual visits.
  • Shows official holidays.
  • Provides statistics for working days, vacations, holidays.
  • Manage office meetings.
  • Manage Events.



  • Manage Events request.
  • Events Feedback.
  • Approvals/rejections.
  • Cost tracking. 



  • Organize the marketing material into groups
  • Upload it to a central repository on the application server
  • Provide details about marketing material to the medical rep (and other users too)
  • Link it to products (indirectly to medical reps)
  • Monitor who downloaded
  • Control material versioning
  • Notify related users about new or updated material 

    BI and Dashboard


Provides neat visual analysis and KPIs extend over to cover all CRM activates


  • Field Presence KPIs

 Days in filed.

  • Unmanned positions.


  • Marketing Team Effectiveness


  • Contacts per Medical Representatives per day in filed.
  • Call Plan compliance.
  • Call frequency


  • Coaching


  • Dual Visits days received.
  • Dual Visits days given.


  • D-Organization level KPIs


  • Span of Control.
  • Medical Representative Turn over.
  • Medical Representative Vacant Positions.
  • Share of Medical Representative on Sales Department.


  • Client s Messages and Objections KPIS


  • Visualization of messages size/frequency.
  • Prescriber objections frequency analysis.


  • F- Assignment Analysis


  • Analyze workload per Medical Representative/ Supervisor/ geographical Area...etc.



  • Multiple Layers of security that cover  all stakeholders according to their roles.


  • Our approach is TOT training (Training Of Trainers).



  • Local Servers at company's site
  • Hosting scheme through cloud computing covered by annual fees.


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